Perrier Carbonated Water vs Sparkling Ice

Name Perrier Carbonated Water Sparkling Ice

Perrier comes in 16.9-ounce plastic bottles that are perfect for toting anywhere and fits all refrigerators. It is bubbly but not as fizzy and is a great choice for mixing cocktails. With their slender-necked green bottles, they are visually similar to S.Pellegrino but taste-wise, Perrier is fizzier than Pellegrino.

Sparkling Ice’s carbonated water is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins and comes in 17-ounce bottles. Their zero-sugar, zero-calories water is colorfully distinct from the rest of flavored waters. In fact, their colorful content is frankly, quite tempting. Moreover, the sleek and slender bottle can be carried around effortlessly. Their sparkling water is excellent for those who like a distinct sparkle with mild bubbles.

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